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Hi there, and welcome to my website!
I’m Lukas, a software developer specialized in applied AI and backend development. With a background in IT security research at Graz University of Technology, I bring a wealth of expertise and experience to every project I engage. My focus now lies in LangChain AI development, while I prefer the Spring Framework on the server side to deliver clean and sustainable code that brings long-lasting value to my customers. I embrace any opportunity to step out of my comfort zone to experience different industries and new technologies as part of my ongoing commitment to learn from the best.

I am currently working on Avalon Intelligence, an applied AI project that offers solutions for automating workflows, while leveraging the benefits of artificial intelligence. I am confident in the potential of AI to revolutionize business processes. Let’s collaborate to create innovative and effective software solutions tailored to your needs!


Featured Services

Integrating Architectures

I strive to deliver clean and secure architectures with decoupled components that lead to increased maintainability and scalability, and thus to long-lasting value for the customer.

Clean and Agile Coding

It is my conviction to produce clean code on every level as it is crucial for future stability and maintenance. Scrum & CI/CD are part of my philosophy towards a satisfied customer.

Effective Strategy

I consult you on the best software solution for your goals and help you to lay out strategies to solve difficult problems beyond typical use cases.

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